Chi Ching Ching making waves worldwide

Radion Tashaman Beckford otherwise called Chi Ching Ching was born in St Mary, Jamaica on September 19, 1982, to father Herbert Beckford and his mother Kathleen Edie.

Early mondayz ,Passa Passa , Weddy Weddy, Dutty Fridayz and Hot Mondayz are just a few names of the street dances Chi Ching Ching started out performing his various dance moves and signature slang, following in the foot steps of one of his greatest idol namely Bogle aka Mr Wacky. Ching only had one dream as a youngster, and that was to become a household name that everybody could recognize and identify with.

His dream today is much closer to a reality as he has garnered the attention in the music industry by releasing songs that captivate the world and the nation, such as Roc di worl nuh” and many more catchy street poet, songs and accompanied by dances that ensure that his authentic style is delivered.

Mr Beckford is signed with the  Unruly Camp but has done work with Sean Paul’s Dutty Rock Productions Label where he is currently finishing up his first album. The chemistry between Sean Paul and Chi Ching Ching can be described as organic, whereas the two share a real connection as there is a good friendship.  The artiste also got a chance to go on tour with Sean Paul with Chi Ching Ching said his career received an enormous boost on the international stage, following Sean Paul’s SPRolling European tour.


Some of the places visited were Germany, England, Australia and the United States. The tour gained Ching awareness on a wider platform and allowed majority of people worldwide to become more familiar with his music, dance and slangs. In an interview with Winford Williams on the On Stage TV program Ching disclosed that “he found himself” on a musical level worldwide as a recording artiste during the tour as he performed for crowds as large as forty thousand.


Click to watch Chi Ching Ching teach you how to “Rope”



Chi Ching Ching making waves worldwide

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