Chillin with Blak Diamon

Blak Diamon is an artist that knows all about the challenges on the road to fame. The concept of his music is world music, which encompasses music of all genres. With Reggae, R&B and Hip Hop sounds, Blak Diamon hopes to reach the multicultural groups with his up-tempo style and put fun back into dance music.  BLAK DIAMON first collaborated with his brother Andrew “Anju Blaxxxs” Myrie, started a sound system called Uptempo, which they used to play at various parties and special events.

BLAK DIAMON, in being the manager of the Uptempo sound, wanted to embark on producing. His first rhythm was called “Conscience” given to him by King Jammy’s youngest son Jam 2, which featured popular artists, namely Bounty Killa, Elephant Man, Alozade and Nicky B. As a result of his producing and writing skills, BLAK DIAMON began recording music. Since then BLAK DIAMON has recorded over 70 songs and has collaborated with local artists such as Leftside, Konshens, Bugle, Bay-C (from T.O.K), Gyptian, and many more. In early 2009, BLAK DIAMON also collaborated with international platinum artists Young Berg, Shiest Bubs.

BLAK DIAMON is currently working with producers Anju Blaxxxs, Young vybz production, Supa Hype, Russian, Jam 2, Randy Rich, Buncho Hiltop, Bay-C from T.O.K and a host of others. Amid fascinating feedback for his latest singles; “Boassy Suh”, “Cya Style mi”, “Forget the world”, “It’s just life” and “roll out”. Blak Diamon has made appearances on many shows both locally and internationally, in Summer 2009’ he opend for Ziggy Marley in Hawaii. Locally he has performed at a number of school barbeques such as Campion, St. Jorge’s college, Wolmer’s and more. Blak Diamon also performed at “Community Oneness” in St. Elizabeth in 2010 and “Vybz Xpression” at “The Deck” in the year 2011.

Reggae Times magazine sat down with Blak Diamon and asked him some questions about his musical journey so far, and the challenges he faces as a young artist.

Reggae Times: How long have you been in the music industry?

Blak Diamon: Since the year 2000, not as an artist but, I had a sound system and I was producing, and building riddims. I have been Blak Diamon, the artist for about 2 yrs


Reggae Times: What are greatest challenges you face?

Blak Diamon:  My greatest challenge is Myself, getting up being and being motivated. The business is very greedy and dealing with people to try and get my songs heard and played on the radio and at parties is a great challenge for me.


Reggae Times: How do you promote yourself?

Blak Diamon:  I spend a lot of time promoting myself in different ways such as – street promo this is making sure radios and dj’s have my songs and will play them. I use social networking sites such as – Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. I also try to promote myself by doing as much performances and appearances I possibly can.


Reggae Times: How many songs have you recorded?

Blak Diamon:  I am a Writer and I write a lot, I have recorded over 70 songs and they have been mixed and mastered. I am always recording, I will soon lose count


Reggae Times: What assistance, if any have you received?

Blak Diamon:  I have received a lot from family, my brother Andrew Myrie is my producer, Jody Myrie, is my financial manage. Nile is my road manager and Tanya Thelwell is my personal manager


Reggae Times: What advice can you give to other upcoming in the industry? 

Blak Diamon:  The only advice I can give to other young, upcoming artists is – push yourself, pray and stay focused, come new, fresh, and have an original sound. Don’t try to sound like other players in the industry, find your own.

Chillin with Blak Diamon
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