Closing Act: 09.17.2012

Wyclef Jean reveals reason for Fugees split (National Post)
Fans long eager to learn why iconic ’90s group The Fugees called it quits when they did need look no further than Wyclef Jean’s recently released memoir Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story.

Rohan Marley: ‘The Break Up With Lauryn Wasn’t My Fault’ (The Voice UK)
Rohan Marley says he was not the cause of the breakdown of his ‘spiritual’ marriage to soul singer Lauryn Hill. SINCE THE controversial break-up of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley in 2011, much has been said about why the couple’s relationship didn’t work out. And very often, it was Marley who seemed to cop all the flack.

Buju Banton Ordered By Judge To Attend Sentencing Hearing (Urban Islandz)
Buju Banton can’t escape his upcoming sentencing hearing.
The embattled reggae star was ordered by a federal judge to report to his sentencing hearing next month. This comes just days after Buju Banton’s lawyer, Ihmotep Alkebu-lan, filed a request for the singer’s absence.

A ‘Stoopidly’ wicked album (San Diego City Times)
Ocean Beach natives Slightly Stoopid have been producing righteous and harmonic music since the mid 1990’s. For the last seventeen years, fans of the reggae band have grown to expect a certain standard of sound and rhythm from the group. With the Aug. 14 release of their newest album “ Top of the World” they have exceeded expectations.

Zimbabwe: Mannex Releases Album No. 2 (All Africa)
Barely two years after his break from the famous reggae outfit Transit Crew, Emmanuel “Mannex” Motsi has released his second album entitled “Mo Love”. Using unique blend of Zimbabwean traditional instrument, mbira, Mannex is among the group of artistes to bring the real reggae genre closer home.



Closing Act: 09.17.2012
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