By Baby Cham


Fi di yute dem! Seen! Yo!!!

Verse 1:
Wah coulda possess a man?! Fi tun a AK-47 pon a young woman?!
And have di heart to fi send har go to neverland mi have a question
When oonu kill off di ooman dem weh oonu fi do, F man!!!?
Eh! Wah coulda possess a yute?! Fi lick dung a baby modda and har likkle yute
Look how she beg him and plea but him still a shoot
And come back pon di corna and a laff and a tink seh it cute
Nah mon dem bredda ya mad
Jamaica when yuh read di news it nuh mek yuh sad
Man a shot up all church den a soh dem bad
Hold on now mon, weh yuh try fi tell mi seh, gunman nuh rate God?!
Government weh oonu ago do?! Yuh see it look inna mi eyes did I tell oonu?!
Some man a talk bout dem a shotta dem a iddi poo
A must a cow push dem out cau mi caan believe dem have a modda too

A nuh so mi know it go, a nuh so we do we ting
Yardman nuh murda old woman and kill sucklin!
A some sick white people do dem ting deh a farin!
Yo mi lose off a oonu weh di man dem study king?!
A nuh so di ghetto run, a nuh rumor mi nuh spread
Bout man nuh rape likkle pickney in
Jamaica and nuh dead!
Man nuh rob poor people and di don nuh buss dem head!
Man nuh bun dung house wid old people inna bed!

Verse 2:
Yo a Sherlock mi live and mi know certain flex
Man wi tief a phone card incase dem need fi send a text
Man wi run go fi him tool wen him an a man vex!
But badman nuh lay dung wid di same sex
Mi and mi modda Siddung pon mi veranda
We a hol a reasonin and read di news paper
She a ask what’s di deal wid dem likkle yute yah
Mi caan figure it out, mi still a wonda

Repeat Verse 1
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Verse 2 until fade


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