Dancehall Diva Tifa Celebrates in Pink

Sugarman Beach in Portmore will be decked in pink and white come Sunday, December 11, when dancehall diva Tifa, celebrates her birthday surrounded by the people she loves most, family, friends and her growing list of fans.  The event staged through T.I.F.A Promotions, is dubbed Pink Xstacy and features a host of dancehall’s hottest selectors, expected to keep the beach alive between two o’clock in the afternoon and midnight.


It’s been three years since the sultry singjay celebrated her birthday with an event and she’s pulling out all the stops to ensure that a good time is had by all.  Tifa stated that, It’s been a hectic three years, I’ve been working really hard and for the last three years I’ve always been working on my birthday.  But this year I decided that I need to have fun for my birthday”.


Patrons who sport the pink and white theme gain entry to the beach party for $1,000 while those without pay $1,500, with special ladies two for one deal before 6pm.  Tifa hinted that many of her friends from the dancehall are expected to pass through the venue and just might touch the stage.  The fast rising star known for such songs as Wine Matey Wine, Wedding Chapel, Dash Out, Man Haffi Come Home and Tick it Lock said fans could also hear her signature Ah wah do D-E-M, but she stressed that it’s a party not a stage show so any performances will be limited, as the focus will be on dancing and connecting with her fans, who she notes have been so good to her. I just want to have fun with my fans, my family, my friends and well-wishers.  It’s a chance for my fans to get close to me and me to get close to them as I will be moving from booth to booth and interacting with everyone” said Tifa.


Dancehall Diva Tifa Celebrates in Pink
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