Despite of the heavy rain, patrons clad in full white were ready to enjoy the dream experience last Friday at Long Bay Beach in Negril. Wherever there was shelter at the venue or on the way to the venue, white-clad persons could be seen sheltering. The beach became a sea of white as most patrons adhered to the dress code.

The entrance was impressive with men on jet skis accompanied by Dream girls did stunts with a helicopter hovering in the background. From the water, the girls went to the central bar where a dance floor was and they got the party started.

Coppershot, Chromatic and ZJ Liquid ruled the ‘wheels of steel’, playing a diverse selection of songs from rock to oldies.  A dub from ZJ Liquid by the Twin of Twins pleased the crowd immensely as did one from Chino’s ‘From Mawnin’. There was also a cartoon theme song play-off between DJ Cutty and ZJ Liquid. The entertainment fraternity also came out in their numbers with Serani, Voicemail, Tifa and the Big Ship family, among others, making an appearance

Daydreams being one of the premier events didn’t disappoint with a strong turnout that filled most of the large venue. At the end of Daydreams, patrons were left wanting the second event of t he evening, Yush.


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