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In 2005 a young singjay naming himself Demarco, made his debut on the national music scene both as a singjay and record producer and since then his effort has been lauded as excellent ever since.

Demarco whose name is Colin Demar Edwards was born in 1983. While attending primary school he was successful in passing the Common Entrance Examination. His school of choice was Ardenne High School. While a student there, it wouldn’t be said that Demarco was a model student, as he developed close association and friendship with bad company. Because of this he was expelled from Ardenne High. He later attended Bridgeport High and a similar trend persisted which resulted in his expulsion from that institution also. At the age of sixteen (16) years old he migrated to the U.S to reside with his mom, who, on learning of his recalcitrance decided to literally take him under her wings. She later became totally became supportive of his ambition and efforts when he discovered his love for music and his subsequent growth in that creative endeavor.

As a budding record producer he began to experience the many negative and few positive of operating in the global music industry. Now, been armed with those qualification he returned to Jamaica in 2005, confident that he now has the necessary ammunition that will guarantee his success and alleviate any problems he would have fitting into the Jamaican way of music management.

Demarco is now signed to Star Kutt Records, on the national scene, and Koch Records/Sony Records on the international scene. He recently signed on the dotted lines to supply three albums to these entities. All this while he continues to work with several established artistes worldwide including; Bounty Killa, Elephant Man, Einstein, Style P, Olivia (from G-unit) Sizzla & (T.O.K) and more.

Demarco expertise in creating great rhythms like “Gong World”, featuring Junior Gong on a song titled, “Loaf a Bread”; ‘Z March’ rhythm for Nicky Z plus the “Shoot Out Rhythm” for Michael Ross another of the top international Reggae artistes whom he had produced.

While doing this interview with Reggae Times we questioned him about his acquired artiste name. He responded that it means someone who is the Greatest Lover. He further explained that his middle name is Demar so he just added ‘Co’ to round it off. However, one who has listened to Demarco’s first offerings; “Falling Soldiers” and its follow up, “Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten” would not think the “Greatest Lover” tag is fitting. But he quickly clarified by explaining that his Greatest Love is for his baby daughter.

Demarco told Reggae Times that his greatest hope is for a better Jamaica. He said his contribution in making this a reality came when he was inspired to do conscious music, such as his latest effort, “Betta Jamaica”; which hopefully he thinks will assist in the decrease of crime in Jamaica and the wider world.


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