DJ Kruddy Tilts the City!!!


Our prolific music business is constantly bringing forth a plethora of young artists, producers and disc jockeys among others. With wider access and use of technology and by extension social networks it is easier for individuals to be successful. However many of these young talents often are not fostered and harnessed and so they don’t get the opportunity to have their fifteen minutes of fame.

Today, we speak to Joel ’Kruddy’ Harrison a young talented disc jockey and TV personality who is determined to have more than just fifteen minutes. Kruddy is the newest member of Renaissance Disco and host of RETV’s Review. He is also working on his mixtape which will be released later this month.

RT: Firstly, How did you get the name ‘Kruddy”?
Kruddy: Well you know there is no solid explanation behind the name. Just typical child growing up and hearing people refer to him by something other than his name.

RT: How long have you been doing music?
Kruddy: Started late 2008, but got my first professional break Summer 2009 at ATI (first time I can remember making newspaper and TV)

RT: Zeen… How did you get the ATI break? Who did you played for/with?
Kruddy: DJ Karyzma and I played there. We played at four parties ATI: Opening party, R&B, Stages and Fusions.

RT: You’re the newest member of Renaissance, how has it been?
Kruddy: Tell you the truth, I’ve learned a lot and I’m more marketable now, but its been the most challenging part of my career so far.

RT: How so?
Kruddy: More marketable meaning that, I’m with a more established organization within this music business and I’ve already made myself a useful product in most areas of entertainment.
Most challenging meaning that I’m the youngest DJ within the group and the organization is very competitive seeing that I’m surrounded by mainly veterans.

RT: How’d you join? How was the induction process if any?
Kruddy: I was approached by DJ SMOKE, DJ CHRISTUFF & DELANO at the Youth View Awards after my performance and. The mode of that was to inform me of my spot in the sound.
Induction, well big party:D

RT: Maddd! How long have you been a part of Renaissance exactly?
Kruddy: I joined the sound Feb 18th 2010

RT: And RETV? How long have you been with them?
Kruddy: RETV! Smiles. I received a call from the management shortly after my renaissance success and I was told that the show REVIEW needed a new host and my personality fits the job description. I think I did my first show the first week of March. From that I’ve been on ya TV like tha screen. 🙂

RT: So how is it?! A lot of people would want that job?! Is it worth the envy?
Kruddy: Hmm, what can I say?! If you have the charisma to be on tv and the drive and the opportunity to fulfil it then it’s always going to be fun and exciting even your down days are going to be appreciated. I would surely say it’s worth it.

RT: So things are working in your favour then, So what effect is the RE job having on your music career?
Kruddy: I was brought up in a very thankful home so even if things seem like it’s never going my way, my optimistic side wins. In music the quality is always great but the main thing needed is promotion and that’s exactly what RETV allow me to take advantage of.

RT: So where do you see yourself in the next five years? Do you have a career plan?
Kruddy: In five years I see myself coming back to Jamaica to pick up from where I left off in this music business. Look to go school overseas.

RT: What do you want to study?
Kruddy: I want be a director so a degree in New Media would be perfect.

RT: Sounds good. So how are people responding to DJ Kruddy?
Kruddy: Every since the start of me I’ve always got a great response from the people.

RT: Any plans for the summer?
Kruddy: Yeah Drop Tilt the City and play at the party just as how I know how to.

RT: I hear you have special international artists on the Tilt the city mix tape. Can you tell us who?
Kruddy: Yeah, I got some special appearances from a couple international act such as Bobby Valentino, DJ Khalid, Sean Kingston and Young Simmonds. I dont know, maybe we can listen and see if Nicki Minaj is on it as well.

RT: We know Kruddy can play music but why is your mix tape going to be different from any other?
Kruddy: Because not every DJ have a personality like mine and my mix tape with reflect my personality.

Joel ‘Kruddy’ Harrison is an ambitious young man who Reggae Times is sure will make his mark on the Jamaican music/media scene.

Reggae Times writer,
Tashan Hendricks

DJ Kruddy Tilts the City!!!

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