The Dolphin cove is one of Jamaica’s unique attractions and holds a special place among the island’s many tourism products. The Dolphin Cove, which is located in Ocho Rios, St Ann; is the only place where natives of Jamaica and visitor can see and experience the antics and frolics of the wonderful sea inhabiting mammal, the dolphin, (also called the Bottlenose Dolphins).



Visitors to Dolphin Cove are sure to have a unique and memorable experience which affords them an opportunity to interact and swim with these lovable mammals. There are also the added pleasures of relaxing on the pristine glistening white sand beach or taking a walk through the lush tropical forest to be enjoyed at Dolphin Cove.

With regards to visiting the Dolphin Cove, one can say that getting an opportunity to hug and kiss these incredible mammals whose intelligence and friendliness is most astounding will certainly make one tingle with sheer pleasure.





This one of a kind opportunity awaits all visitors. So come and meet, swim and frolic with a family of Bottlenose Dolphin at their Jamaican home at Dolphin Cove.


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