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Necessities for Dream Weekend Parties


Negril, Jamaica comes alive on the Emancipation Weekend 2010 as individuals from all over the globe congregate in one city for four (4) days of non-stop partying. Appleton Temptation Isle (ATI) and the Red Stripe Dream Weekend parties are said to be some of the craziest, fun filled parties that have rocked Jamaican’s shores and that’s what keeps patrons going back for more.  The weekend begins on July 30th and will continue through to August 2, 2010. During this weekend fun and frolic is the ultimatum and sleep is just a concept, a figure of imagination. However before starting that car there are certain necessities to be in place.


1. Accommodations- These are critical to having the real Dream Weekend Experience. These should have been booked from last year as hotel rooms and villas are normally booked out during this period. Staying with a friend who resides nearby is also another possibility.


2. Season Bands– These are extremely important to have if you decide to go to every party for the weekend. It is much more cost-effective and will reduce the burden of purchasing tickets for every event.  


3. Money- A must-have item going to any party!


4. Phone and Camera– This item is needed to capture those exciting moments and to keep in contact with your friends. 



5. Clothes- Fashion goes hand in hand with partying. One has to ensure they look their best and should ensure they look picture-perfect.  


            There may be other things that you may feel are appropriate for you to take but these are our top5. Remember drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive and enjoy partying!


Dream Weekend Craze

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