Dustin Brown was born in Germany on August 12, 1984. He lived in Germany until August 1996, when he moved to Jamaica with his parents.  His father, Leroy, is Jamaican and his mother, Inge, is German and Dustin has two half-brothers, Steve and Dean. The 25 year old, 6”5 Dustin Brown, speaks German, English and Jamaican.

Brown started playing tennis at the age of 5 and earned the Nickname “Dreddy” from a young age because of his dreadlocked hair. His favorite surface to compete on is grass. The entertaining “Dreddy” say that his favorite shot is his serve and forehand while he hits a two-handed backhand. His serve characterizes his game and volley style of play with aggressive groundstrokes and impressive volleys and drop shots. He is an all rounder. 


Brown recalls that his idol while growing up was Marat Safin. He credits his parents with being the most inspirational in his life. Outside of tennis he enjoys music, surfing the Internet and watching movies, normal day-to-day activities. He is also a model and has been featured in the International magazine “RIDDIM” in a cover in while he is modeling for Sir Benni Miles Fashion. Brown works for the Manigoo modeling agency.

 He is now finished with college and has played numerous Futures and Challenger tournaments in Jamaica and all over the world. He moved back to Germany in 2004 and currently resides their He Practices his game in Hannover however. Brown recalls that his pathway to success wasn’t easy and was only possible because of sacrifice and the fact that his “Parents bought him a camper van which he used to drive around Europe to get to compete in tournaments between 2004-2007.” He currently has competed in grand slams such as Wimbledon, U.S. Open, Australian Open, and Mercedes Cup and hopes to compete in the French Open for this year. He is sure making some serious moves.

Brown is currently ranked number 98 in the world in Men’s Singles and number 90 in the world in Men’s doubles. He is the second person with Jamaican roots to make it to grand slams ever, with the first being Richard Russell who made it to the second round of the Australian Open in 1964. Brown’s current ranking is an achievement which every Jamaican should be proud of as it is no secret that the country has struggled to produce top-class players in the sport of tennis. Focused and living by the motto “a man with the desire to do something… can do anything”; Brown has a bright future ahead of him.


By: Dax Vernon


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