Elephant Man’s Attorney Tries To Clear His Name!



Lawyers representing dancehall entertainer Elephant Man will be meeting with his management team today to discuss the artiste’s tax woes. His legal team is also expected to have a meeting with the Tax Department.

Officials from the Tax Administration Services Department raided two of the entertainer’s home on Tuesday (his mansion overlooking Havendale which was featured on MTV Cribs and his apartment at Hillcrest Avenue). Members of the Tax Department’s Special Enforcement Team and the police seized a red convertible Mercedes Benz owned by Elephant Man, whose real name is O’Neil Bryan.

On RJR’s Financial Report, his attorney Mr. Roderick Gordon said he that he is trying to establish if his client has been treated fairly by the tax authorities. He went on to state that he has not seen all the documents that purportedly have been served.  He is not sure whether his client has been afforded the opportunity to challenge the assessments that have been made and offer his own account of what he owes.

Elephant Man’s Attorney Tries To Clear His Name!

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