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Eric Donaldson
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Born and raised in Kent Village, St Catherine is  Eric Donaldson; a veteran of reggae music and also a man of many profession. The reggae  singer attended Crescent Primary which has nurtured him and  later  resulted in him taking up music as a full-time career. Donaldson describes himself as “Jack Of All Trades”. He is undoubtedly correct. He finds painting, cooking and being a tailor fascinating as well as plumbing and being a mechanic. However, his love for music conquers all and so he recorded songs for the enjoyment of his Jamaican fan base. As a veteran for more than 50 years, Eric Donaldson is not through recording music. The reggae icon has released his 28th album which is entitled “I Am In Love” and was released in July. Donaldson has just recently received national  recognition for his contribution to Jamaican music.

            He also released “Land Of My Birth” in 1978 which is still an iconic hit in Jamaica. The singer was appointed the Order Of Distinction in the rank of officer, on National Heroes Day. The hummer was grateful to have being recognised and has made such a huge impact on his home country. Since 1964 until now, Eric Donaldson has been in the business and has no intention of retiring anytime soon. He has won the Jamaica Festival Song Competition 7 times and was also recently recognised by Red Stripe with a Stand Up For Our Heroes Award. Additionally, he won a Silver Cup from D&G in 1971. The long time reggae singer is inspiring that young upcoming artistes should focus on positive songs like One Love by Bob Marley and his very own Cherry Oh Baby.



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