Fi Wi Sinting, the annual cultural show held at Nature’s Way in Buff Bay, Portland, is proof that our people still appreciate our culture. It featured a variety of performances taking place simultaneously and so the grounds were constantly abuzz with activities.

Fi Wi Sinting is truly a unique and authentically Jamaican show which attracted a lot of patrons from different backgrounds. We experience simultaneous performances of Nyahbingi, Kumina and Jonkunnu. The haunting and chanting of the Nyahbingi drummers was interesting and attracted a large crowd.

Mutabaruka dominated the show with the sounds of African rhythms, which transformed a section of the ground into a dance space. Many patrons gyrated, swayed and rocked to the rhythms. Without a doubt, Mutabaruka stands head and shoulder above the rest of our current local dub poets and very few in the world of dub poetry can compare with his skill in performance.

Amina Blackwood-Meeks on the other hand was simply magical. At various intervals, she entertained the patrons with her fabulous storytelling. She engaged the crowd with her humour as she illustrated the tales and experiences of our generations.

Most impressive was the high level of discipline and courtesy displayed as well as the audience mix. The event was family oriented, everyone sharing and enjoying the numerous activities and the various types of food. There were booths dedicated to jewellery, footwear, clothing and Literature.

It was a day to cater to the young and old, by way of a local festivals.


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