First Note: Tifa responds to Lady Saw, Marley documentary nominated, Dance in Dancehall

Back and forth: Tifa addresses Lady Saw comments, Macka Diamond disses Spice (The Examiner)
During a time in the Jamaican music industry when lyrical battles are typically at the fore, an all-out war seems on the verge of occurring amongst some of Dancehall’s leading divas.On Tuesday, the Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw fired the latest salvo in an ongoing war of words between herself and some of Dancehall’s lead female deejays; notably Tifa, Spice and Macka Diamond. The Heels On singer gave a radio interview on Tuesday to Hitz 92 FM in which she blasted her deejay compatriots.
When asked about her issues with Tifa, Lady Saw branded the Hold On singer as an ‘uptown Chihuahua.’ Additionally, when pressed about Macka Diamond, Lady Saw called her ‘Muma Donkey’ before turning her attention to Spice, saying “When Laing dun pay her a STING, all she can pay for a the suit.”

Marley gets NAACP nod (The Jamaica Observer)
MARLEY, British director Kevin MacDonald’s documentary on reggae legend Bob Marley, has been nominated for a NAACP Image Award. The awards are organised by the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People. The documentary examines the life, music and legacy of the reggae icon who died in 1981.

Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall Group Don Dem Successful In Canada (Tropical Fete)
Don Dem is a Reggae/ Dancehall Group based in Toronto Canada. The dynamic group consists of 5 members which include Durri “the Scientist” Brown, Kez Ferguson, Kirk “Diamond” Douglas, Chaunard “Bob da Builda” Brown and Olaf “HD” Smith. Bonded by their Jamaican heritage, they have put their eclectic mix of talents together, to help strengthen each other and the industry in which they serve not just locally in Jamaica but internationally as well.

Ziggy Marley Nurses a Broken Heart on a ‘Beach in Hawaii’ (Live) – Premiere (Rolling Stone)
Reggae torchbearer Ziggy Marley is set to release a new live album, Ziggy Marley in Concert, exclusively on iTunes on December 18th, with a worldwide and physical release slated for January 15th. Recorded throughout Ziggy’s 2012 Wild and FreeTour, the disc includes a wide range of cuts from Marley’s solo albums, as well as covers of two Bob Marley classics, “War” and “Is This Love.” Now you can get a taste of the record with this exclusive track, “Beach in Hawaii,” a quick-stepping song with sun-soaked guitars that mask a heartsick loneliness.

Less dancing in dancehall (The Jamaica Star)
A few years ago, there were countless dance moves getting immense popularity, but now it would appear as if very few dance moves are being created or gaining the recognition. In 2008’s Beijing Olympics, Usain Bolt did dance moves like Gully Creepa and Nuh Linga that have been some of the biggest dance moves in recent years. But in the past few years, only a few dance moves have been getting recognition. Known for dance moves like Raging Bull and Nuh Behavia, Ovamars says there are many things taking place in the dancehall and the industry lacks unity. “The whole vibes weh did deh deh nuh deh deh again. The whole unity not there and a pay fi play now,” he said.
In the past, he says, dancers would make dance moves that artistes sing about. After the song is made, selectors would play them and even try to highlight the dancers at events. Now, he says, there is a lot of confusion and animosity among the three groups.

First Note: Tifa responds to Lady Saw, Marley documentary nominated, Dance in Dancehall
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