Focus Shift

Finally theater nomination , is now a category counted in the Youth View Awards. Camille Davis one of the four nominees of this category, who has worked tremendously in the theater over the years.

Camille expressed her gratitude and appreciation being in this position, nominated by the public means a lot to her and her career. Theater fan can point out plays that Camille is apart such as Vibes, Ladies of the Night, Funny Kinda Love, Saving Alligator High, and Love Games by Jambiz Productions. She has currently left the production house last year for a break but, still in the field of acting and looking towards big dreams ahead, branching off in film.

Many have asked the question, if she stopped pursuing acting because she is now a christian. But the passion that Camille has that will not allow her to give up on her perusing acting unless the Lord told her so, she explained. Camille had spent 13 year with Jabiz product house and feel the need to move on. Now Camille focus is  fix on her upcoming short film album Mango Walk, directed by Kyle Chin, which is expected to release in this year. The YVAs will unfold on February 24 at the National indoor stadium in St. Andrew.

Focus Shift

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