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Born & raised in Kingston and Portmore, Jamaica respectively, Stacia Davidson is truly a product of her homeland. With a fighting spirit and her God-given creativity, she is the proud creator and innovator of one of the hottest and boldest clothing line out of Jamaica- Yaad Trendz (YT). Yaad Trendz is a fresh, funky urban clothing line that believes that there are no set rules on how to dress.

Since the Launch in August 2008, YT is seemingly the hottest new commodity and is being requested by fashionistas over the globe. While already outfitting popular reggae and dancehall entertainers such as T.O.K, Tessanne Chin, Alaine, Monster Twinz to name a few, others are also endorsing the ‘YT craze’.
The summer is back and everyone is trying to get that perfect look for the major parties or just to increase the contents of their closet. So Reggae Times Magazine sought out the Owner and designer of Yaad Trendz to get the scope.

Reggae Times: How did your company begin?

Stacia Davidson: Well, it started while at University. I used to redesign my clothes and wear to school and I found that people always complimented me and wanted to know where I bought my outfits. I started showcasing designs on fashion shows on Campus as a hobby and persons that liked the stuff would ask me how they could purchase, so Yaad Trendz is a hobby that turned into a dream now being fulfilled. It was the encouragement from friends and prospective customers that ultimately gave me that push I needed to follow my dream and start the company.

RT: The fashion industry has become increasingly competitive, what makes your brand so different?

Stacia: I would like to think that my brand is different because it’s very much a reflection of me and my creativity…as much as it is influenced by the reggae/dancehall culture, it’s very much influenced by my likes so every outfit you buy is a part of who I am….Its creativity in action. With a unique combination of materials and colours, the designs have one goal in mind – To make you stand out…

RT: Your line has been nominated in the Gleaner’s Youth View Awards as ‘favourite clothing line’ two years in a row for 2008 and 2009, what  marketing approach do you use?

Stacia: I utilize social networks a lot such as Facebook but I also do local fashion shows for various schools, service and business organizations.

RT: What are some of the highlights of the business for you?

Stacia: Being nominated in Youth View Awards as Favourite Clothing Line is definitely a highlight for me as it shows that my target market actually loves and embraces the brand and my designs. Also, my launch was definitely a highlight as it was like the official birthing of a dream that I have been so long impregnated with and to see that it’s finally a reality makes me extremely happy.

RT: The fashion industry is not all fun and games, how do you keep abreast?

Stacia: Well, I’m not so sure that I do a very good job of keeping abreast of the fashion world in terms of what’s wearing. However, I do attend Fashion shows when I can to see what other designers are doing. I also glance through magazines and stores. Luckily, however, most of my inspirations are inward so even if I fall short on keeping abreast, it doesn’t really matter as Yaad Trendz is not necessarily about what’s in, it’s about being fresh, funky and creative and setting your own trends. As for everything else, I try to keep the brand relevant by making its presence felt.

RT: What keeps you motivated?

Stacia: I am motivated by life…by my vision to see Yaad Trendz as a success internationally. I am motivated by all I hope to achieve in life and know that Yaad Trendz is a tool to achieve some of those things. I am also motivated by my family and friends that believe in me and my dreams. Of course, the naysayers also motivate me as I love proving them wrong.

RT: How does your catch phrase ‘Can you handle the Attention?’ Impact on the style and quality of your clothing line?

Stacia: Well, the tagline suggests that by wearing YT outfits you will stand out so the designs, the colours and the quality will always have to reflect a level of uniqueness, boldness, creativity and flare that’s worthy of attention.

RT: What are some of the difficulties that you have faced in the Fashion industry? And how have you overcome these obstacles?

Stacia: Access to capital is one of the major difficulties but I am not one to dwell on the negatives or difficulties. I have used these difficulties as a mean of getting more resourceful and creative. They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and that’s how Yaad Trendz started anyway, me redesigning my old outfits so they could look new so I wouldn’t have to purchase new ones….so why would I let a little thing like not having enough money stop me from attaining my dreams?

RT: Have you been featured in any major fashion shows?

Stacia: We did Island Couture which was a monthly fashion show put on partly by the Jamaica Fashion and Apparel Cluster but nothing really major yet but our presence on local fashion shows at schools, service and business organizations is just as effective- Reaching our target on a personal level. We do have plans for the major shows though when the time is right.

RT: What is the next step for Yaad Trendz, what should we expect?

Stacia: Expect to see Yaad Trendz as a visible force in the fashion arena locally and internationally; having outlets not only in Jamaica but in the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

RT: You placed third in 2009 festival song competition with the song ‘Love Jamaica’; do you think that assisted in exposing your brand?

Stacia: Well, yes definitely as I wore my designs on stage and in the music video and people asked me about my outfits so I was able to sell/promote my brand and the song simultaneously.

RT: Performing in front of hundreds of persons how was the experience of Festival 09?

Stacia: It has definitely aided my self confidence. I always believe that in order to conquer fear, you must do that which you fear…so the ‘action’ always makes you more confident. My brand is about confidence so I have to always exude such.

RT: So what’s next for Stacia?

Stacia: Yaad Trendz is very much apart of my present and my future plans but I also have a talent and model Agency called Faces Inc. which I am also working on. I am constantly growing and envisioning new things and ideas so you can never tell with me. I like challenging myself- who knows I may very well enter the Festival Song Competition again. One thing is certain that whatever I will be doing next will make me one step closer to achieving all my dreams and something that brings me happiness in the process.

If you would like to follow the Yaad Trendz craze you can check out Yaad Trends at!/album.php?aid=134895&id=31647938674 The summer is back, so for all those hot parties you now have an additional clothing line to pick out those trendy new outfits you have been looking for.

Reggae Times Writer
Aldria Grant

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