Kevin Downswell releases Live Album

On Tuesday May 29, 2018 at The JN Financial Centre in New Kingston, was where gospel minister Kevin Downswell made an announcement during his media launch, that he would be launching his fourth album titled “Realignment : The Live Encounter” on June 15,2018.

The album is slated to have seventeen songs and it will be a live album, which will give fans a different feel and energy to their favorite tracks.

“The other albums were studio albums, this one is live. This is another level of energy because when you’re ministering in song before people, it’s different from when you are singing just in front of a mic and blank wall. So, you feed off the energy of the crowd. It’s watching them sing the songs back to you, breaking down the songs, hearing them sing the choruses. You don’t have that in a studio. This album is on a different level,” Downswell explained in an interview.

In July, 2017 at the Jamaica College Realignment: The Live Encounter was recorded, which concludes the final event of Downswell’s Realignment: Chapter I Tour.

“All of these songs are songs taken from my last three albums, but you will think that it’s new because if you listen to the studio versions and listen to these, my head never stops ticking. I will hear the same song and do something to it that makes you feel as if ‘whoa it’s a brand new song’,” he said.

Some of the artistes that have featured in some of the songs are his colleagues in the industry namely Rondell Positive and Prodigal Son as well as the New Testament Children’s Choir. The album was produced by Mr Kevin Downswell himself and will be made available both in physical and digital formats, distributed by Tuff Gong International, followed by a three event tour named Realignment: Chapter 1 Tour. The tour kick start on June 15, 2018 in Savanna-la-Mar at the Mannings Hill School, Westmoreland, Then the second tour on June 16, 2018 at Manchester High School in Mandeville before closing on June 23, 2018 at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, Kingston.

While following the same format as last year’s tour, Chapter II will serve as a fundraiser for the Ferris Primary School in Westmoreland and Hanbury Home for Children in Manchester.

Kevin Downswell releases Live Album

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