Govana here to stay

Romeo Nelson, previously known as Deablo, which is the name he set aside three years ago for the new name “Govana”. Which he identifies as having a positive effect of his growth and development as an artiste and building his brand.  He is from the Sydenham community which is located in Spanish Town, where he has been writing lyrics from a early age. It however was when he was in high school at St George’s College in third form that he started to listen to the likes of Aidonia who has been an inspiration for him to venture into the music industry, even though his parents wanted him to be a lawyer, Doctor or Pilot. It was one year later when he met up with Aidonia that the two started working together with songs like Headline  in 2007 and  Run Road in 2012. Govana has now make a name for himself in dancehall with hits after hits which includes Gyal Clown, Gyal Thief, Rich Forever and Bake Bean which has been receiving positive feedback in the streets. Click to watch Govana’s ‘Bake Bean’ Music Video   “It was a long time coming. Di name Deablo, regardless of how it is spelt, carries a Spanish meaning. A lot of people never took me seriously an’ I got some negative feedback,” he told reporters. “Deablo is more street and hardcore. Govana is more marketable, accepting to society and people take mi more seriously,” he added. Govana in an move to create clean music with and international appeal has started so with his new collaboration with Jada Kingdom. “I did di first verse an’ chorus and sent it to Jada,” he said. “She sent a verse with two or three expletives an’ I messaged her an’ told her it’s best to keep it clean. Mi did a look pan it an’ di song has an international appeal. Clean music gets you more mileage, it’s more international and nobody have to turn it down because it has curse words. It can play in the business place, too. There is a time and place for everything, you have to create a balance.” The artiste recent released One and Move which was produced by Good Good Productions followed by Hot Topic produced by Chimney Records which is currently getting a lot of good feedback over the internet, for which the artiste couldn’t be more grateful. “I’ve been in the game for a while now, but mi never expect the magnitude at which it happen,” he said. “I’ve been building the foundation, so when mi si everything jus’ catapulting di way it has, it was inevitable.”

He gives credit to Professor Nuts and Shabba Ranks who influenced him when writing his story lines for a song.
 Govana admits of having his fair share of trouble recalling his close death experience.

“I took a break from music in 2011. I got shot; I was really living a different life. The moment I got shot, my girl was pregnant that September. Everything changed for me in September 2011, I changed my life,” he said.  The summer looks great for the artiste, as he is slated to perform at both Reggae Sumfest and Dream Weekend.

Govana here to stay

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