History of Rebel Salute by Yasus Afari

Rebel Salute came about in 1996 based on the idea of planning a birthday bash for Garnet Silk in April 1993. Yasus Afari is a Jamaican dub poet, which is well known for his poems. Yasus outlines what rebel salute was coming from its first beginning, where he conceptualized and executed the first two shows.  Yasus idea has now been effective over the past years, calling Tony’s Rebel birthday bash Rebel Salute, representing not just him but all those who are rebels.

Bring the idea to pass Yasus invested his money with the help of his friend Uton Green. The first show was held at Brooks Park in Mandeville, Manchester, in January 1994, rules and regulations were implemented based on  his Rastafari faith.  Yasus recall Silk’s first birthday party and the pure energy that was felt by the people, popular artist who were apart of the show are Buju Banton, Sugar Minott, Christian Soldiers, Garnet Silk, Yasus, Everton Blender, Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths, among others.

Rebel Salute 95th paid tribute to Silk; he was one of the forerunners of the roots revival in 1990s and laid to rest December 9, 1994.  Yasus  believes that the show could do more in honoring the legend Garnet Silk but, it comfort his heart to know that Garnet Silk Jr. his son will be apart of the show this year.

Yasus has been proud of his self for such a huge accomplishment that the country of Jamaica and its people can continue, which is a big contribution to the Rastafari community development, music, culture, artists, to the contrary Yasus pointed out that it can be “dangerous” because child’ is not a living entity outside of the people who keep it alive. It betrayed the revolution, trust, loyalty, and him but, instead it could have been more easy looking towards what influence it in the first place.




History of Rebel Salute by Yasus Afari

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