Innocent Kru New Sitcom

innocent-kru.jpgComing February 2,The Innocent Kru will be having their own sitcom called ‘Me and Mi Kru’, on CVM TV, they are known for popular songs like, Impossible Train and If I Could Rule this World they have been out of the  limelight and has now returned with their new sitcom called Me and Mi Kru. Shooting of the sitcom began over a week ago and thus far has been filmed in Rose Town and Cherry Gardens.

“It’s basically about our journey through the music industry. Most of the stuff that happens is what took place in our career, except that we invented me winning the lottery as a way for us to move to the uptown. So I win the lottery and move uptown with my mother, played by Audrey Reid. It’s like a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air meets Beverly Hillbillies,” said Benzly-Hype

Famed Jamaican director Rick Elwood, of Dancehall Queen and One Love fame, directs the sitcom. The cast will also feature Audrey Reid, Leonie Forbes, Ronald Goshop, Professor Nuts, Candace Buchanan and a host of entertainment who have influenced the career of Innocent Kru, including producers Sly Dunbar, Steelie and Cleevie and deejay Spragga Benz. The sitcom will also feature a number of other entertainers who will be making guest appearances.

The sitcom was the brainchild of Benzly-Hype a member of the group and was co-written by himself and Paul Beale. According to Benzly-Hype, the idea came to him when Innocent Kru was on the set of One Love. after speaking with Elwood, he put together a pilot which was filmed in 2004.

 the sitcom will soon be on air, Benzly-Hype said: “I’m so excited. The Innocent Kru is the original crew, the first group to go on BET, been doing this a long time and we’re still together doing music with singles like Kick Dem Out.


Innocent Kru New Sitcom

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