By Tanya Stephens

It’s a pity, you already have a wife
And mi done have a man inna mi life’s
Rudebwoy it is a pity.
I say it is a pity
You already have yuh wife
And mi have a one man inna mi life
It is a pity.
I woulda like one a dese mornings to wake up and find
Your face on a pillow lying right next to mine
I woulda cut out de partying, the smoking and the rum
And buss a extra wine and mek we see de passion.
Well everytime mi fantasize, mi see your lips mi see your eyes
Yuh trigger finger do sometings dat lef the rude gyal hypnotize
For you its just a ting, just anodda little fling
But for mi this is heaven, and de angel dem a sing,

So buck yuh up inna public and cyan even touch yuh,
Freely f*ck mi up because mi check fi yuh so much
De respec’ whey mi have fi yuh woman, fi yuh kids
Believe mi rudebwoy, mi press nuh matey dis
Who knows maybe one day the world will be evolved enough
We’ll share yuh inna civilized manner between the two of us
But until then, I woulda love see yuh again
Mi know we haffi play it by the stupid rules of men.



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