Jermaine Michaels ‘A Soldier of In The Army Of Life’

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Jermaine Michaels past Digicel Rising Stars contestant is getting extensive credit for the reggae-flavoured single, Am a Soldier.

The song, which evangelizes to the youth the power of persistence in the face of unconquerable odds, has hit a high note with the Jamaican public.

“After entering Rising Stars in 2010, not many producers were willing to help, but one morning when I rise up, I was there meditating and I heard a voice saying ‘You are a soldier and dont give up until you reach your goal’. So I just started singing ‘am a soldier’, and there and then words just start coming,” he said.

The song is for every teenage mother faced with decision to go back to school. (It’s also) for every young male trying to avoid the clutches of gang violence, for every ghetto youth who ever had a dream and felt that no one believed in that dream. We are all soldiers in the army of life”, Michael’s said.

“Life is challenging, but we have to be soldiers and rise above it. Jamaica is full of soldiers, people who fight and overcome great odds to find success”, he said.

Michael has had a formidable time in music. He got validation for songs such as Cornerstone and a collaboration with Etana called Who Is Responsible for This? but never got prevailing success.

In 2018 he was signed to Big Dreams Productions, which is owned by Sikona Blagrove, aka “Fatta Biggz”, and now Michaels is working with one of Jamaica’s top engineer, Karl Morrison, and label songwriter Ra Deal.

“We have a EP coming out soon, because right now we are in the studio putting some good songs together, so the fans can look out for that”. he said.

Jermaine Michaels ‘A Soldier of In The Army Of Life’

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