John Lennon, from Beetles, sadly missed.

The Beetles: John Lennon – Third Left.
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John Lennon Death Anniversary.

Reggae music is a gene of music that connects people locally and internationally. As reggae music made waves since the early 60s, it had caught the ears of some great musicians from the international scene. One of whom was John Lennon.

Today December 8, 2020 marks a bitter-sweet moment for the world as it relates to reggae music.

It is sweet that we celebrate the life and legacy of Fredrick “Toot” Hibbert, who have helped to pioneer reggae music, so that it can be heard and loved by people near and far.

However it is bitter because the life of one of our Great International Musician was also killed on this day. That Artist is John Lennon from the group The Beetles. Today marks the 40th year since his death.

John Lennon was a British Musician, hailing from Liverpool, England. He was born October 9, 1940. Sadly so, he was assassinated on December 8, 1980, in New York.

Lennon is not only known for his contribution to pop music globally but also for his love for Reggae Music and Caribbean People.

Together with Paul McCartney, Lennon had penned some of The Beetles Greatest Hits. One of which was “you won’t need me”. This was subsequently covered by the Jamaican Group – The Clarendonians, thus adding a Jamaican Reggae vibe to the song. Additionally the song “Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da” was said to have been inspired by the reggae gene ska/rocksteady.

These examples just goes to show how music can break down barriers by crossing oceans, rivers and seas to unit people of various different cultures.

Mr. Lennon, the world will forever be grateful for the Legacy you had left us. Thank you.


John Lennon, from Beetles, sadly missed.

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