Kevin Downswell Jamaica National Ambassador

The popular gospel artist Kevin Downswell was selected in this week to be Jamaica National (JN) Group’s new corporate ambassador. Therefore the announcement was kept has a surprise and hosted at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston recently.

Kevin Downswell is part of a soon to be launched Jamaica National Group  goes by the name of People First campaign and also a new corporate movie “The Surprise” which was execute at the event.

The film  showcase a day in the life of Mr. Downswell, a part of Westmoreland, which is also the parish which Jamaica National was founded and the various offerings the Jamaica National Group’s eleven financial and non-financial supporters play in his everyday activities.

The gospel artist express that no matter where he goes in the world and is given the opportunity to take the microphone , he will represent Jamaica and also The Jamaica Nation Group because it is clearly apart of him being  an Ambassador of Jamaica.

Jamaica National Group’s executive of marketing and sales promotion, Leon Mitchell, said that Kevin Downswell was natural fit for the Jamaica National Brand. He continues that Kevin represents the values that our brand exemplifies and interestingly he came from the parish of Westmoreland, which is the birthplace of The Jamaica National Group.

Leon Mitchell outline that   a part of the campaign, Mr. Downswell will be featured in the advertisements of the companies within the Jamaica National Group, and will also participate in special appearances and performances at specific events.





Kevin Downswell Jamaica National Ambassador

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