Kool Ravers Received Youth Award

It‘s the time of the year when the prime minister of Jamaica award persons for their outstanding contribution in various are such as: Academics, Agriculture, Art& Culture, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Protection, Innovation in Science and Technology, International Achievement, Journalism, Leadership, Sports, Youth and Development.

The PM awarding ceremony was held on December 6, 2017 at the Prime Minister’s office.  Ravers Claver Dance Crew were among the nominees of the year, the dance crew won an award for Art& Culture significantly, Kool Raver’s  new single “Fling” is nationwide sensation. Jermar, Chronixx McNaughton film maker Aisha Porter-Christie and food network chopped champion Andrew Fowles who also won an award in the category of Art& Culture.

Surprisingly a street dancer won an award like that, to prove that “dancing” has grew tremendously in the world and in the soul of many. The Prime Minister gave Kool Raver and his crew a nod of respect, he took on the nickname, ‘Andrew Ravers, singing the recent tweet and attempted to let the music rock take the better part of him.

Kool Ravers expressed his gratitude and how happy he is to be on the same platform with the famous reggae artist Chronix, however as he looks toward the up-coming  year and to do better.

Kool Ravers Received Youth Award

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