Mackerel finds love? Stunt or true. RT Boss reveals the tee about his newfound relationship with social media personality

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RT Boss (on left) and Mackerel share a kiss.

Mackerel the social media sensation has received huge success since a video of her went viral where she “tek people man” Mackerel was never taken seriously because of her comedic appeal but Mackerel had made a name for herself and is now seen as one of the most popular upcoming sensation on social media. In view of her rise to popularity on March of 2019, Mackerel’s life has been the center of conversations both on and off social media from her ‘tek people man’ motto, upbringing, teenage pregnancy to her now blossoming music career. On the weekend her hidden love life went on blast when images of her kissing the spiritual adviser-turned artiste RT Boss came to surface on Instagram.

Nitpickers have tagged the move as a stunt to keep hubub tittle tattle on both personalities, while others have accused RT Boss of being a opportunist.

The singer had insisted that the two had been romantically involved since May, but he did not want to address reports made that he is married.

“Our relationship is real. Mackerel and I are romantically involved. She is someone I care about, and I want to be a good friend to her as well,” he told THE STAR during an interview.

“It is more than what you guys think. So if you want to know more, all you have to do is keep connected to see if it is a stunt or fake. You just have to keep up with the Mackerilians.”

As stated by the singjay, he met Mackerel after she called his company for a psychic reading. He said he foresaw her travelling to Canada, and she called to express her gratitude after travelling to the country.

“I told her I saw great things in her future, and she was so grateful. That’s where our friendship started,” he said. “There’s a beauty within Mackerel that I see, and I want Jamaica to see. So I come at the forefront to let the world know that you can’t judge Mackerel because of her character and what she shows the world. She’s a nice girl – accept her, show her love”, he said.

Despite the fact that RT Boss is 13 years older than her RT said: “Age is just a number,” and he does not see any conflicts with their union. He added he has met her son, whom he described as “adorable”.

In prior interviews with Mackerel she shared that she dated older men in search for love. No stranger to her past, RT implied that his intentions are pure.

“I just have to try to be a good man to her. It’s hard already, but me a try fi get her pon a level. I don’t think it is difficult cause she is an understanding person, and it start show already,” he said.

“She is looking for love and care, and me can give her that. If you listen how she talk, she is searching for love and guidance, but she got a lot of abuse. RT Boss is not concerned about her wanting him solely for his assets. “There’s a lot of things about Mackerel that is going to be changed. I’m not trying to control her life, but if you really love her and want it to work, you’re gonna guide her, right? She wants more love than vanity,” he said.

RT already has the consent of Mackerel manager Shakeria Sewell, “their union will not influence her client’s brand” she said.

Being around the two of them I can see the relationship is real,” she said. “Mackerel being in a relationship right now can be both good and bad depending on what he has to offer. So far he has good to offer her, physically, emotionally, everything. Mackerel has told you guys her life story, and she needs someone around her, partner wise. She needs a man’s love, so he is good for that.”

Mackerel finds love? Stunt or true. RT Boss reveals the tee about his newfound relationship with social media personality

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