Promoter Dexton Ennis annual “Follow Di Arrow” stage show has recently held on the 1st of March 2008, at James Bond Beach in Oracabessa, St Mary. The venue was filled with eager and anxious patrons waiting to see their favourite artistes.

When Bashment Squad Sound System took the stage in the early part of the night, the selectors juggled up some musical vibes before the stage show started. Patrons jump and dance as their favourite songs were played. They were there to have a good time.

As Macka Diamond walked on stage, the place erupted as she graced the stage with “Money Oh”. Macka Diamond showed why she is one of the top female deejays. She shone high with her palatable and high-energy performance. Macka Diamond had the patrons eating out of the palm of her hands. She stood tall among the male dominated line-up, she gave a highly charged set.

Anthony B was simply delightful. He carried his audience through a musical journey and showed them why he has been so successful in the music business. Anthony B was awesome; he really connected with his audience.

Also representing well was Twins of twin, they are known for their comedic and sharp deliveries and firm showmanship. The duo reeled off their imitations of popular Government Officials and popular entertainment personalities. Twins of Twin had the crowd in stitches it was fun galore.

Lady Saw showed much class, having come equipped with some wicked lyrics. From beginning to end, Lady Saw could do its eager crowd no wrong.

Elephant Man gave his fans the full treatment as he reeled hits after hits. He had the crowd bouncing to every tune.

Everyone was excited to see Bugle and Seranie; they both put on a show to remember. They really connected with their audience and got a lot of thumbs up.

Assassin gave the females a lot to shout about, he was a stand out at the event. Screams could be heard from miles around; he ensured that he fulfilled the ultimate dancehall dream.

Movado entered the stage to the biggest cheers of the show. He immediately set the place on fire; he took the excitement to another level and continued to rip the place apart. Movado took “Follow Di Arrow” by storm; he easily took command of the audience doing hit after hit. He was in a no nonsense mood and really uproar the patrons.

When Ninjaman took the stage, he had everything in the air- lighters, hands, rags and flags as he kicked off his performance. The excitement went fever pitch as Movado joined Ninjaman on stage. The both of them kept the energy going from start to finish. Ninjaman gave an explosive performance.

Bounty Killa came out in full force as the place erupted. He reeled off a barrage of hits that turn the place upside down; he gave us both old and new hits. Bounty Killa Put the icing on the cake, he gave a highly charged performance. The Warlord had the audience going, with his magnificent performance.

Thumbs up to the promoter and sponsors of the event, it was a wonderful show.


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