Kudos should be in order for the organisers of the ‘Bob Marley Bash’, which managed to maintain a high standard of quality, family-oriented entertainment for the patrons who filled the MX111 Lawn, in Negril, on Ash Wednesday, February 6.

Queen Ifrica has improved rapidly and it was a pleasure to watch her go through her paces. She has displayed a level of maturity, which will certainly enhance her budding career, and take it much higher. She kept the audience in a musical ecstasy as she flowed skilfully from one song to another. She did songs such as “When Love Come Knocking”, “Baby”, “Nah Rub” and “Daddy”. Ifrica got the nights first encore.

Gyptian did a brief but exciting set scoring with songs such as “Serious Times”, “Mama Don’t Cry”, “Beautiful Lady” and “Controversy”.

Mickey General was good and he connected with his audience. He ignited the crowd when he did song such as “Unseen Blessing”, “Seh A Prayer” and “Miss Taylor Boy”.

The Tamlins gave a short but red-hot raunchy performance. They had MX111 Lawn on fire as they performed “Go Away Dream”, “Baltimore and Ting-a ling.

Iyah Blazz out of House of Leads Recording was another standout at the event and shock the venue with “No Heart Fi the Poor”, “Jah Know”, “Saturday Night at the Movies” and “Rasta Fi Clean”.

Luciano treated his fans to an inspiring performance which earned him the nights second encore. The crowd was in frenzy as he did “Messenger”, “Yesterday”, “Sweep over My Soul”, “God Praise” and “Hills and Valley” with his sons doing some slick dance moves. He went onto interacting with the crowd telling them “Lord Give Me Strength”. His encore for which he delivered the song “Its Me Again Jah” was imminent.

Tony Rebel was superb, He displayed dance moves that connected with the audience as he belt “Caa Go Round Good”, “Sweet Jamaica”, “Chatty Chatty”, “Just Friends”, “Fresh Vegetable” and “Know Jah”. Tony Rebel was in full form at Bob Marley Bash.


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