WHO:                          Jamaica Association of Vintage Artistes & Affiliates (JAVAA) invites the coverage of


WHAT:                         JAVAA’s 6TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW 2K9”


WHEN:                        Friday, July 10, 2009, 8:00p.m.  (Gates Open: 7:00pm)


WHERE:                       The Gardens, The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5


BACKGROUND:        JAVAA will be celebrating its 6th Anniversary with a number of events for the week of, Sunday, July 5, through to Saturday, July 11, 2009.


                                    JAVAA’s 6TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW 2K9” will feature a special “Tribute” segment to the memory of Delroy Wilson; special “Longevity Awards” to JAVAA Members: Arthur “Bunny” Robinson (of Bunny & Scully), Headley “Deadly” Bennett, and Robert “Bobby” Ellis.  “Meritorious Awards”: To two (2) JAVAA Members.  JAVAA’s “Leaps & Bounds” Awards: The most improved JAVAA Member (Performer) over the past year.


                                    Performers for the show follow: (Special Guest Artistes “Friends of JAVAA”): Frankie Paul; Lovindeer; and Benjy Myaz.  (JAVAA Members/Performing Artistes): Bob Andy; Ernie Smith; Charmaine Limonius; Baggadito; Mary Isaacs; Clancy Eccles, Jr; Mento Tones; Peppermint; Carlton & The Shoes; Heptones;  Angella Stewart; Leo Hall (of The Jays); Mako; Jah Earl Locks; Gold Star; Princess Love; and Kojovi Dawes.  Longevity Awardees: Arthur “Bunny” Robinson (of Bunny & Scully) and “Deadly” Headley Bennett. (Bands): Unique Vision & The DP Band (Distinguished Personalities/Dwight Pinkney).  Emcee: Baldwin.



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