Mixmaster David returns to celebrate Jamaica 50

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Atlanta based DJ Mixmaster David returned to his native Jamaica after a 12 year absence to play at some of the hottest clubs and parties for the 50th independence anniversary.

“It meant a lot to be home after 12 years and especially during such an important moment in our country’s history, celebrating 50 years of independence,” says Mixmaster David and adds “it was a joy! To DJ in Jamaica again made me feel like a kid in a candy store.”

As one of the most requested and sought after Djs in Atlanta today, Mix Master David has established himself at the top. He plays hardcore dancehall parties as well as crossover events mixing hip hop, top 40, afrobeat, soca, 80s and electronic music, adjusting to his audience to give them 100%.

He certainly stuck to his style for his Jamaica appearances by giving patrons a variety of music, not just the popular dancehall and hip hop songs and the crowd loved it! “It was wicked,” says David, describing his Jamaica experience, “I really felt like the music was appreciated.”

In July and early August Mixmaster David played a string of gigs around the island starting off with the ever popular party “Mojito Mondays” at Suzy’s Bakery in Kingston. He also impressed with his skills at “Lipstick Thursdays” at Fiction in Kingston as well as “HD,” which was held at Unity Square in Lawrence Tavern. Playing a charity event at the Oberlin High School in Lawrence Tavern, St Andrew personally meant a lot to the DJ, as he is invested in the enlistment of the youth and was very happy to see the positive developments in the community where he grew up.

Mixmaster David was really ready to leave his mark in Jamaica and enjoy his experience to the fullest by playing at Bambino’s party “Tuesday on the Rocks” in Vineyard Town and one of the hottest Emancipation/ Independence weekend parties – “Twisted Spiritz.” To be part of the Dream Weekend in Negril, the hottest party series of the year, exposed Mixmaster David to thousands of new fans.

David is ready to return to Jamaica after a few gigs in the US. He will be there on a regular basis to play at some of the top parties, clubs and events.

Mixmaster David returns to celebrate Jamaica 50
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