Mr. Vagas blazing hit “Mus come a Road.

 vagas-album-cover.jpg Mr. Vegas’ blazing, international smash “Mus Come a Road.” The universal Reggae hit “Mus Come a Road” is now competing against popular artist like JayZ, Justin Timberlake, Akon, Beyonce and T.I.

This week, “Mus Come a Road” hit #6 on Germany‘s prestigious Black Music Chart — up from #9 last week. Making a home on this chart for over six weeks, “Mus Come a Road,” which features Barrington Levy, shows no signs of flinching. Although “Mus Come a Road” found a place on numerous pop charts over the past several months, it’s presence on this chart is the song’s highest to date. Even more exciting, “Mus Come a Road” is the only Reggae single on Germany’s Black Music Chart — beating out popular singles from mainstream artists.

What really has everyone head-over-heels for “Mus Come a Road,” is the zesty combination of popular singjay Mr. Vegas and Barrington Levy. Built on the Levy classic “Prison Oval Rock,” “Mus Come a Road” bridges the gap of two generations of Reggae music fans. The “Mus Come a Road” single is accompanied by a “vintage, harder-they-come” style video, directed by Winston Mayhew. The highly regarded video truly captures the essence of the hit song.

International DJs and radio stations have whole-heartedly embraced “Mus Come a Road,” which directly contributes to the single’s undying buzz. And by all means, scores of dancehall fans have boosted “Mus Come a Road’s” presence, converting the song from an underground sensation to a mainstream, global hit.

 Mr. Vegas is one of Reggae music’s top artists. Although Mr. Vegas rides under the dancehall banner, his intriguing voice and style enable him to make great music in an array of music genre.


Mr. Vagas blazing hit “Mus come a Road.

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