New Single to be released

C-Sharp is a band whose music recalls a time when music stood for something beyond mere pleasure, when it was used by a generation as a tool in its quest to find beauty and uncover meaning, and when people believed that they could make a difference in the world. Standing for the possibility of the ideals of the 60’s and 70’s being alive in the here and now, their new single to be released April 2009 is a musical testament to the values of peace, tolerance, self-discovery and non-conformity being just as resonant today as they’ve ever been.

The new single titled “Nurse” to be released April 13, 2009 features bass player/singer Aeion “Yaaka” as lead vocal for the single. The single will also be featured on their upcoming album to be released later this year. The group is very excited about the upcoming album in that it is centered mostly on the family in a time when good values are neglected by many. The album to be released is no less than the first album released in 2005 filled with positive lyrics wholesome for the family.

For more information, visit their MySpace page at or visit their website at

For all media inquiries please contact Hugh Hoilett of C-Sharp Music at  or 876-424-1094

New Single to be released

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