Ninja Princess may be coming out hot on the music scene, but she is surely no newcomer to the business as she has traits of controversial DJ Ninja Man and his former ex-wife Joy flowing through her veins. What makes this teen so exceptionally different from most of her peers is the fact that she has an abundance of talent and is very mature about what she is doing.


Samantha Liesh Ballentine who is 16 years old was born in Switzerland but has traveled back and forth to Jamaica. She is now, however, residing in Jamaica and attending college in St. James. Ms. Ballentine who goes by the stage name “Ninja Princess” said she is working towards a career in Banking with entertainment also as an option as she can sing, pen lyrics, model and deejay.


“It seems that from my mother was pregnant with me, I was musically inclined as I started singing from I was able to talk. What most people don’t know is that my mother can also sing very well. Modeling comes very natural as my mother herself is a fashion model. My modeling ability was evident from I was a toddler. They [her parents] said I had the boasy, strident walk of a model,” Ninja Princess stated.


The teenager, who shares a special bond with her father, said that she just only started deejaying but knew she could do it as she used to imitate Ninja Man a lot while he was performing on stage or in the studios.


Ninja Princess has written and recorded four singles entitled ‘Can’t Touch Me’, ‘Hot Gal’, ‘I’m The Original and ‘Wining Contest’ produced by her mother for her Patayer Club Records Production. As a singer, the petite teenager sounds a lot like Alicia Keys and Jasmine Sullivan. When she deejays she sounds like Lady Saw and D’Angel


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