Popcaan releases “Forever”

July 20th 2018 marked the day that Jamaican Dancehall sensation Popcaan debuted his second studio album titled “Forever”.

The highly anticipated album is the most talked about compilation from a dancehall artiste in recent time after receiving great support from international rapper Drake.

Popcaan has not ruled out the possibility of a Grammy nomination based on the feedback he has been receiving so far.

In an interview after the Reggae Sumfest festival the artiste expressed how grateful he was about the work and effort that went into his second album, and he is confident that the album has the ability to go high places.

“Me done sing bout the Grammy from long time, enuh, and we stronger now, so is supm weh ordain by the Almighty. When the right time forward, the Grammy a go appear and this album, I put in a lot of work on it, myself, Dre Skull and the other producers; so it’s a masterpiece,” he said. “Everybody a give me good reviews about it and so I have a good feeling about it. It’s already number one in a lot of countries and me just grateful and a thank the Almighty and the fans dem.”

The Unruly boss disclosed that his album is doing well on the international charts which includes US, UK and several charts across Europe. He is adamant that this success is a plus for Dancehall music across the globe.

“People always bash dancehall and say dancehall artiste nah make good album and we only sing bout one thing. Me glad me can put this album on the platform where people can say this was a good and different album. It’s a great look for dancehall.”


“FOREVER” Tracklist Below:

  1. Silence 
  2. Call Me
  3. Wine For Me
  4. Superstar
  5. Happy Now
  6. Naked
  7. High Drive(Louis Out)
  8. Foreign Love
  9. Body So Good
  10. Lef My Gun
  11. Mi Love Yuh
  12. Deserve It All
  13. Dun Rich(ft.DaVido)
  14. Strong Woman 
  15. Through The Storm
  16. Firm and Strong
  17. wha Suh
Popcaan releases “Forever”

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