Prospect Plantation’s camel trekking is a unique adventure that you will experience nowhere else in Jamaica. A visit to Prospect Plantation in Ocho Rios is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. Take a camel trekking ride and enjoy the adventure it offers.


It is a ride well worth the effort and you will have fond memories to last forever. Imagine yourself on top of a camel it is so amazing. Prospect Plantation is the place for camel riding adventures and a great place for camel riding tips. They use beautifully decorated comfortable saddles for the camel ride and quests marvel at what a stunning scenery and enjoy the unusual experience of riding a camel!


You will also get to view other points of interest within Prospect Plantation such as, the Great House and the surrounding gardens, Butterfly Aviary, as well as getting the chance to feed the ostriches and camels and see Farmer Joe climb a 30-foot coconut tree.





Prospect Plantation offers just about everything, you can tour the plantation either on camel, horse or by Jitney. Take a tractor drawn Jitney and experience a working Jamaican Plantation, where you will see cassava, banana, sugarcane, coffee, all spices and many other crops. You will see the magnificent White River Gorge – a spectacular view of Jamaica’s first hydroelectric plant, which was built there by Sir Harold Mitchell. At Sir Harold’s Viewpoint the Jitney, stops for you to enjoy a cool refreshing drink.


On a clear day, Cuba, some 90 miles away to the north, is visible on the horizon. Prospect Plantation boasts one of the most unique and captivating tours worldwide. A visit to Camel Park to go camel trekking begins with a short hike through wooded lands to the camel Park. As you hike, you will learn about the local vegetation and trees.

As you go on your camel trek adventure, you will be amazed at the beauty of the country side as well as how friendly, affectionate and cuddly these camels are. Prospect Plantation tours is proud to be home of Jamaica’s first and only camel trekking safari experience.


Experience an amazing Camel Trek trail with your new companion and see how docile and gentle your new friend is as you trek the amazing countryside. Visit Prospect great House, you will learn the history of how and why this amazing “Fort” became a “Great House”. Feast your eyes on beautiful antiques including the largest collection of the 18th century Tortoise combs.

Enjoy a horseback river ride on a spectacular trail that passes through primeval forest descending to the White river – the river ride fringes the rushing stream with series of rapid pools – where guests have the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the White River and sip a cool fruit drink.

After an invigorating horseback you can wander through the spectacular Butterfly Aviary, where exotic local butterflies fly overhead and all around in their natural Jamaican habitat, stroll through the “secret garden”, and enjoy your picnic lunch surrounded by lush vegetation.

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