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Reggae Television (RE TV) launched its talent school search competition on July 14, 2010 with the first audition being held at Devon House, Kingston. The Competition came about as a spin-off from the popular Re TV High School Tour which promoted the message “Abstinence Mek Sense.” The search was designed as a means to discover new talent and give young talent an avenue to showcase their talents while spreading a positive message. The concept developed because of the need for new artistes on the school tour.

             The judges consisted of mainly young entertainers who are making their mark on the industry as well as artistes that are somewhat veterans in the business. The judging panel featured artistes such as Stacious, Tifa, Timberlee, Mr.G, and Anthony Cruz. The talent search has toured parishes such as Kingston, Ochio Rios, and Mandeville. The judges were selected as those who have appeared on school tour and those who were suggested by producers.

            The auditions were completed last Saturday, with the last leg being in Mandeville. So what next persons ask? Well the show will reach the semi-final stage, where the 22 contestants which were selected from the auditions will be narrowed down to 10. This 10 will then be narrowed to 5. The competition will be open for viewers to call or text in the number of their favorites so the two winners can be decided.

            The prizes have not yet been finalized but among them will be a single produced by a top producer, cash prizes, cell phones, appearance on the school tour and interviews on Re TV.

            The concept is a good idea as it gives young and upcoming artistes a means as to which to showcase their talents. Critics have said “another talent search again, don’t we already have Rising Stars and Magnum Kings and Queens, why another?” But let’s look at this closely Jamaica is a country filled with talent especially musical talent so what is wrong with having another talent search? Talent searches have lead to the successes of many artistes. Look at Christopher Martin and Baby Tash, King Yellowman, Beenie Man and Nadine Sutherland, just to name a few. In addition to this the artiste will be going around to schools promoting to adolescents the vital message of abstinence. The winner will have a lot of responsibility on his or her shoulders as they’ll be performing to an audience which many view as the toughest kind of critics there is. Adolescents are very hard to please and performing in front of an entire audience full of this age group will not be an easy fete.

            Other critics question the capabilities of the judges. But who better to judge than persons who have been in the same position before. The judges that were used were judges who have been regulars on the school tour for a while and know what will appeal to the consumers. They are also young and bring this same kind of thinking to the selection process.

            Part one of the process has just been completed, so it’s too early for anyone to judge whether or not the program will be a success. The only critique I have of this programme it the advertising strategy. The programme needs to step up on marketing, as not many persons know about it. They need to add more intensity and create more ‘buzz.’ I believe this programme has the potential to be a success. Personally, any programme that discover and highlights new artistes get thumbs up in my book.




By: Trisanya Barnes


RE Talent Search

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