Reggae Artist Bushman sits down Reggae Times

The RT team recently had the opportunity to sit down with Reggae Artiste Bushman. Here is what he had to say;
How Did you get the name Bushman?
I for the name Bushman from the Producers of my first album Nyahman Chant. Steelie and Cleevie gave me the name Bushman
How does coming from the country give you a different perspective on music?
Coming from the country side of Jamaica is like your on the outside looking in
What was the motivation behind your song “World State?”
Global rescission, and the reason for the rescission 
What made you film the video on Wall Street?
Well I was in New York at the time when we decided to film the video, and Wall Street was one location that was ideal since the markets where crashing and a lot of bail outs was happening for the rich banks
What direction do you see conscious/roots reggae going in the future?
For me personal when I analize where its at now, there is a lot of work to do to bring conscious/roots Reggae back to where Bob Marley and Burning Spear, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown brought it to. It is not getting enough attention. There is no proper distribution for real Reggae. The companies who are distributing Reggae needs to be active in getting reggae back on the main stream radios.
What was it like being a selector for Black Star Line?
I took it has an opportunity to expose myself,
 How does you experience as a selector help you as a singer?
Some times when I get a gig that requires TV tracks. My sound days helps me to still deliver a good show, and when I take control of the console my fans love to see this. And in certain place’s the Dj’s don’t know how to mix me the dance hall way, the Jamaican way. So I am every glad for being a Selector
Who are your influences?
Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Luicano Sanchez, Courtney Melody, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton. Burru Banton. Junior Gong, Super Cat, Patty Labelle, Ruberto Flax. Tina Tuner. just to name a few
Who are some current reggae artists you listen too?
As a selector what were some of you favorite songs to play?
In my time we don’t juggle we just played music, we never mix we played artist, like Dennis Brown, Leroy Smart, Maxi Preist and Shabba, Admeral Bailey, Sanchez Admeral Tibbet. and many more the Bobs and Peter. Ryan and Tony Gold Coco T
What are your reflections on Jamaica’s 50th Independence Anniversary?
In my opinion Jamaica has never been indepentant. Bushman is not In-the pen and dence. I will be celebrating the National Hero’s this year with hope to host a free concert in my Parish St Thomas honoring Sir Paul Bogle who is from St, Thomas
Who are some non-reggae artists you listen to?
Michael Jackson. Kenny Rogers. Tupac, Celine Dion. Michael Bolton, Ray Charles, Mariah Carey, Adel, Don William. Marty Robinson. Dead President
Reggae Artist Bushman sits down Reggae Times
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