Reggae Entertainment Television(RETV) online ?



Realvibez Media, an integrated media and entertainment company and operators of, a leading online provider of media for consumers of Caribbean music culture, has signed a content distribution deal with Reggae Entertainment Television (RETV). will launch an RETV channel on the website and make RETV content available to visitors from around the World. The content will be available free of charge to anyone visiting once the channel launches in August.

David Mullings, Chief Executive Officer of Realvibez Media stated “Realvibez has been able to create a Jamaican-owned destination website for Caribbean music-related videos and a strategic partnership with a major content producer like RETV is a natural fit with our goals and long-term vision for the company and Caribbean music as a whole.”

Egbert v. Frankenberg, International Business Development Manager of RETV, said “We are aggressively focusing on major expansion plans for our distribution network. The latest additions to our live satellite feed include Guyana and the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. But a satellite is not everything in a global marketplace so we are happy to join forces with because we cannot do everything by ourselves and Realvibez’s approach to the online video market has significant potential, which fits right into our expansion strategy.”

Realvibez was the official web partner of Reggae Sumfest 2008 and RETV was a media sponsor. This content distribution partnership will extend the reach of Caribbean-produced and owned content while bringing more revenues back to the Caribbean.

Robert Mullings, Chief Operating Officer of Realvibez Media added “We are always looking for opportunities to work with content producers who want to leverage the core competencies of our brands and properties. We look forward to working closely with RETV to execute a great channel and play our part in supporting the growth of Caribbean music.”

About Realvibez Media

Realvibez is a multinational brand that unites music, technology and everyday island life. Realvibez chronicles the best in Caribbean music, events and pop culture in a fully integrated scheme that includes a dynamic website, partner channels, events and merchandise that reaches forward to represent a generation savvy to global brands and an increasingly wired lifestyle. It was founded by two Jamaican brothers, David and Robert Mullings, during their MBA program at the University of Miami at the ages of 21 and 20. Realvibez has merchandise deals with artists such as T.O.K. and manages a leading online Caribbean video portal, Realvibez recently released the first Caribbean video Facebook application.

About Reggae Entertainment Television (RETV)

What do you get when you combine innovation, creativity and authenticity? You get Reggae Entertainment Television (RETV), Jamaica’s most progressive and innovative entertainment cable channel offering young, hip audiences dynamic and revolutionary programming. With a focus on reggae, dancehall and Caribbean pop culture, RETV’s 24-hour programme schedule combines music, fashion, dance, event-coverage, and entertainment news to bring you a complete entertainment package.

Since its inception in 2003, RETV has been a pioneer of Jamaican television with original programming that brought Jamaican lifestyles to the fore. By building close relationships with artists/musicians and the private sector, RETV has forged its way by harnessing talent and nurturing client relationships. The successful groundwork laid by RETV led to it being acquired by RJR Communications Group in December 2006. This merger signifies the growing legitimacy of cable television and sophistication of the industry, in which RETV is a leader.

Reggae Entertainment Television(RETV) online ?

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