Reggae Times Chit-Chat with Emprezz

We all know her as Emprezz and that’s exactly who she is as she puts it. Reggae Times had the opportunity to have a chat with one of the most well rounded women in entertainment, Emprezz Mullings. 

REGGAE TIMES:  How did you get the name Emprezz?

EMPREZZ: (laughing) That’s just what they called me. That’s just what I am. It was given to me and it ended up on my birth certificate.

REGGAE TIMES: Are you actively recording music?

EMPREZZ: Oh, music. I am not actively recording at the moment; however I would like to do a couple more songs in the next year or so. I have taken a little break from music to pursue other passions. Also, the industry is so flooded. Not sure there is room for my vocals.

REGGAE TIMES: What are some of the songs you had previously recorded?

EMPREZZ: Kiss me, Father and Child, 12 Things, Paradise, Get up, Real love with Nesbeth, Have you ever with Erupt and Crying with Bunny Rugs to name a few.

REGGAE TIMES: Who had been your inspiration for pursuing music?

EMPREZZ: I love music because it feels good, it tells stories, and it’s free. I am also inspired by all musicians globally that make me feel something when I hear their songs.

REGGAE TIMES: Explain your journey towards being the public figure you are today.

EMPREZZ: I have been up and down in and out and all around trying to pursue my dreams with vigour. I have always been a budding entrepreneur and little entertainer from a child.  Let’s say, from Cable TV to Main stream TV, to international TV to my own Production Company and the journey has been great.

REGGAE TIMES: Give us an idea of the various projects Emprezz is currently working on.

EMPREZZ: Wow so many projects.

There is “Talk Up Yout” my tv show and also an online counseling site for youths (, which has been a struggle, but successful in reaching the young people and addressing their issues while finding solutions. Secondly, I have been working on the distribution of my new product, the Jamaican trivia playing cards (, my boutique Stanley and Empress and the launch of my new Baby Slings collection. There’s also my show with Talk TV titled “Empress’ Studio”, where I sit one on one with the veterans of Reggae music, which I feel is a valuable product that everyone should see. Other projects include charities like the UNIA where I am a member.

REGGAE TIMES: What has been your greatest challenge as a woman with many portfolios?

EMPREZZ: My greatest Challenge is trying to make sure I don’t drop the ball while juggling and also getting the right teams to keep all things afloat.

REGGAE TIMES: You launched your TV show “Talk Up Yout” earlier this year, what inspired this concept?

EMPREZZ: I was inspired by the need to balance the messages and television programming that greet us daily. We are bombarded by negative images, oversexed expressions and a lot of the corporate dollars that have no moral focus, as it relates to how they spread their dollars. The media shapes our morals and values and after being a major part of the dancehall and entertainment fraternity, I found it necessary to assist the young generation in addressing there issues and help them find solutions through a new kind of TV. I did something different and to me it’s working. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my business partner Nadia Stanley and my only major corporate sponsor National Baking Company. I just wish more companies could see the vision. I also wanted it to be more than a show but a place for youth to be heard.

REGGAE TIMES: What has been your experience doing the show?

EMPRESS: I cry a lot off air when I am confronted with the wicked things that adults do to our children. I am concerned about the youths’ inability to express themselves and find confidence and solutions for a purposeful life.

REGGAE TIMES: Nadia Stanley is co owner of the boutique as well as co producer of the show; explain your partnership with Nadia Stanley.

EMPREZZ: Nadia a.k.a ‘Stanley’ is the sister I never had, the business partner most dream for and a real person. We worked in television together years ago and we just clicked. She keeps me sane and she tells me the truth.

REGGAE TIMES: Is there anything else you would like to say to Reggae Times?

EMPREZZ:  Oh, hmmn let me see. I love, I live and I thank you.

Reggae Times Chit-Chat with Emprezz
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