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Bob Andy
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            Reggae singer and songwriter Bob Andy would have celebrated his 76th  birthday if he had not lost his battle with cancer. Andy’s first child; Godfrey Bobby Anderson’s publicist have stated that his father used a line of American singer Frank Sinatra’s popular song “My Way” to describe his life’s journey. The lyrics were “like ole blue eyes, I did it my way.” Undoubtedly, Bob Andy was a man of his own words; he was a leader. Born Keith Anderson CD was always proud to be a Jamaican and it was evident wherever he may go. Singer Marcia Griffiths was apart of the zestful duo called Bob and Marcia, who remained friends up to his death. Griffiths recalled Andy’s 75th birthday and she remembers his words to her. I quote “Bwoy Marcia, ah never know that you was such a strong woman”. Her publicist stated. Additionally, she mentioned that one of  her favourite Bob song that Bob Andy recorded was “Desperate Lover”.

            Interestingly, the Bob and Marcia duo recorded with Studio One in the early 1970s but later under producer Harry J’s tutelage. They had a major UK hit with Young,Gifted and Black, and he recorded Pied Piper, another top 20 UK hit, with Griffiths before they toured again. Frankie Campbell, the frontman of Fab Five also remembers Bob as a “perfectionist”. Bob Andy, along with the Fab Five went to Japan in 2003 for a 2 week tour which consisted of four shows. Fab 5 has played with Bob from the early 1970s until he decided to retire a few years ago. Being considered one of reggae’s bountiful songwriters, he had his first solo hit record in 1967“I’ve Got To Go Back Home”, along with Unchained, Desperate Lover, Too Experienced and Soul Unchained. Additionally, he composed songs for other reggae artistes such as Ken Boothe “I Don’t Want To See You Cry”, Feel Like Jumping, Melody Life and Truly for Marcia Grifitths. As a result of his dedication and commitment to improving Jamaica’s reggae culture, he has received the Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander (CD) in October 2006 by The Jamaican Government.

May His Soul Continue To Rest In Eternal Peace.



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