Remembering the late Larry “Professor Bassie” Silvera

Born on the 1st of April 1949, Larry “Professor Bassie” Silvera can be identified as being one of Reggae’s finest journeymen, often found at studios or on stage backing big artistes, but majority of fans and music lovers do not recognize his name. The bassist has been on the live and recording circuit for over 40 years, working with artistes like Bunny Wailer, Barrington Levy and Sugar Minott.

A Rastafarian hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, he has a strong belief, that there is one higher being that created all things known as the creator and that love is the singular unifying energy of the world.

Leaving school in 1967, he purchased an acoustic guitar, but ended falling in love with the bass so he built a bass guitar himself from mahogany, and attached the microphone he got with the acoustic guitar to the bass, and then proceeded to teach himself how to play the instrument.

But later moved to Toronto, Canada, in the early 1970s where he linked up with a fellow by the name of Johnny Osborne among others that would eventually form the Ishan People Band.

The band only recorded two albums, however by 1979 Larry was back in Jamaica, working primarily with upcoming youth talent out of Minott’s Youth Promotions.

The next leg of Larry’s journey saw him from 1983 to 1989 living in England where he led the Steady Rhythm Band which backed artistes such as Barrington Levy, who had also relocated to England after a successful run in Jamaica. Silvera can also be identified as have been a 21-year member of Wailer’s band.

In 2013 when he released his debut album titled “Bassiks” he interjected that “Doing a lot of stuff for producers an’ artistes is one thing but to do something for yourself is even greater. It means a whole heap,” as he continued to work with is seven piece band including singers Mikey Murray, formerly of the In Crowd, and Johnny Osbourne.

For over thirty-five years Drummer Aubrey “Prince” Manning knew Silvera. Both men toured in bands together that backed Blender, Queen Ifrica and Leroy Sibbles . Along with his Danjah band went on a six weeks tour of the United States with singer Admiral Tibet, band members includes drummer Aubry Manning, keyboardists Sekoni Sullivan and Granville Morgan, guitarist Donovan Francis and organist/percussionist Winston Atkinson.

On Thursday June 14, 2018 the sixty-nine year old Larry Silvera passed away due to complications from a stroke he suffered in a Continuous Care home in St Andrew; leaving behind his mother, stepfather, three brothers, four sisters, five children, and four grandchildren.

Thanksgiving service for the life Larry Silvera is scheduled for Romans Funeral Home Dunrobin Avenue, in Kingston, Jamaica on Wednesday June 27th, 2018 at 2:00pm.



Remembering the late Larry “Professor Bassie” Silvera

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