Remembering the Musician and Healer Carrot Jarrett

Irvin “Carrot” Jarrett, former member of the Legendary Reggae band Third World, was found dead at his home on the 31st of July 2018.


Members of the music and entertainment and wellness fraternities have been grieving the loss of their influential brother, Carrot.

On Friday August 10, 2018, The Vera Moody Hall at Edna Manley College was filled with a small number of the persons that Mr. Jarrett motivated, inspired or touched in some way, to celebrate the life of this trailblazer.

The celebrations were rich with musical tributes including the Third World hit, Now That We’ve Found Love that put a close on the proceedings for the day.

Jarrett was 69 years, four months and 22 days when he passed on the 31st of July and the memories of Carrot during the celebration of his life painted the picture of a loving, generous man from childhood until his last day.

In a video tribute, Jamaican Superstar Sean Paul recalled how he saw Jarrett in a supermarket one night, and they spoke briefly.

Sean Paul recalled how he thought Jarrett was in good health an while he was eating grapes in the line Paul proceed to tell persons in the line about the role Jarrett played in his illustrious career, and, in turn, Jarrett told them that the deejay has always been grateful and shown him the highest level of respect always, while leader of the opposition Dr. Peter Phillips remembered his former Twelve Tribes of Israel colleague as being “a giant of his generation”.

There was nothing regular about Jarrett as he was also deeply involved in naturopathic healing, with former Third World drummer Willie Stewart, recalled being on a tour in San Francisco, in the United States, where he had a temperature of 104 degrees, and Jarrett stayed back at the house they were based in to care for him.

The talents of the Jarrett family were also seen throughout the celebration, among a host of tributes.

Remembering the Musician and Healer Carrot Jarrett

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