By, Baldwin S. A. Howe


Female deejay sensation, Ruffi-Ann, a very hard working deejay, has been on an extensive campaign effort to bring about some smoothness to her ever blooming musical career. Ruffi-Ann’s real name is Sharon Peterkin.  She was born in Spanish Town in the parish of St. Catherine but later grew up in the now city of Portmore and attended the Bridgeport Secondary School.   


Ruffi-Ann embarked on an entertainment career path from the early age of 15. At that age, she recorded her first single for the distinguished record producer turned politician, Patrick Roberts, owner of the Shocking Vibes record label. She later went on to do recordings for the world famous “Rhythm Twin”, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare for their Taxi record label.   However, Ruffi-Ann’s first recorded hit song entitled, “Stick To Yuh Man”, was produced by another famous rhythm duo, Steelie and Cleevie, for their record label of the same name.  Ruffi-Ann went on to record another hit song titled, “Ram-Ram.” On that occasion, the producer was veteran record producer, King Jammys who released the effort on his Kingston 11record label.  “Ram-Ram” went on to become a major hit song in and around the rest of the Caribbean.


At the times the songs referred to above were recorded Ruffi-Ann went by the stage name, Lady Shabba.  She opted for a name change in 1999.  The name change proved to be a very positive decision that Ruffi-Ann made.  She is now enjoying a greater level of success since doing so and have even gone on to launch her own record production company, Sugar Pan Production.  Under this, her umbrella company Ruffi-Ann now produces her own material as well as producing other recording artistes.  So far the has released three singles on the Sugar Pan record label, the songs are, “Sex, Sex, Sex” “Me Puttus” and “You Are”, (which features Thriller –U on vocals).  Most, if not all of Ruffi-Ann’s record releases are enjoying frequent and extensive rotations on all the major national radio stations.


On the ‘live’ show performance aspect of her career, Ruffi-Ann has graced the stages of, “Sting”, “Reggae Ram-Jam”, “Dela Vega Splash” and “Champions In Action”, among others. Ruffi-Ann is also in great demand to perform overseas and have worked in the United States, and many islands in the




Ruffi-Ann is rated highly among the current crop of female deejays working the international reggae/dancehall circuit.  She is a very talented and determined person where her career is concerned.  Ruffi-Ann is of the belief that through music she can, each day, bring joy, smiles, amusement and a positive message to her audiences throughout the world.  In this regard, Ruffi-Ann’s very latest release titled, “Save The Juvenile”, is another step the right direction in her attempt to bring cohesion and smoothness to her career.  Since the release of “Save The Juvenile” the song is fast becoming a favourite in the dancehall.  It further underlines her talent and helps top showcase her versatility.

Since the beginning of 2008 Ruffi-Ann says that she has began to feel more love for her, coming from the audiences she performs for and she hope this will continue.  Ruffi-Ann is currently managed by Imbue Entertainment / Get Up Yute Records.  She can be reached for bookings and performance dates a, 876-301-4926, 292-2239 or 414-1689.  You can also e-mail at,


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