Samantha J and Gyptian come together with ‘Picture’

Junior ‘Chambah’ Stevens and Dean Barnett, producers from Silver Birds Records have worked with many artistes in the pass both locally and internationally including Canada based artiste Kim Kelly on the “Alive” track ft. Vybz Kartel, Vershon’s recently released “Champion Queffa” among others.

The producers are now responsible for making the connection between singing sensation Samantha J and Gyptian, who have come across each other numerous times in the music industry but have not worked together until recently collaborating with an explosive song called “Picture”.

Because the rhythm was completely put together on a computer, it makes the fact that there are authentic steel drum sounds and a massive Reggaeton feel even more impressive.

Though immediately after hearing the original rhythm Samantha J knew it was short of a little reggae flavor, and in came Gyptian to add the energy and sounds needed to finalize the project.

The two artistes decided that they had to do something that would appeal to both their audiences.

Picture is all about being flirty and that’s what the sound had to be; it’s about a man seeking after me and expecting me to send him pictures,” Samantha J said.


Scenes for the music video for ‘Picture’ were shot in Kingston, Jamaica, and although shooting has been completed there has been no date set for the release of the video.


Samantha J and Gyptian come together with ‘Picture’

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