Shauna Controlla unlocks the truth about domestic abuse. Reveals maltreatment from babyfather and mother.

While at the heights of their relationship in 2015, Shauna Controlla and Gully Bop were involved in a fight which enthralled social media.

At the time, Bop used instagram to unveil wounds imposed on him by his estranged spouse, using what he revealed to be a padlock. The Controlla Boss, who went by the cognomen ‘Shauna Chyn’ back then, confessed to using the padlock to defend herself against Bop.

She affirmed the deejay had become violent and it left her no choice. The physical encounter was widely announced but one thing remained unknown until now was why the entertainer felt terrorized.

In a recent interview with The Weekend Star the Control Button singer having experienced domestic abuse in a past relationship years ago, vowed never to let another man lay his hands on her she said.

“He (Bop) was intoxicated and he attacked me and I had to just take action. When someone is attacking me, anything weh deh near me, a it me a go go fah, and that was the padlock. Nuff people never understand why I did what I did. There’s history there,” she said, tearing up as she recollected the tempestuous relationship with her sons father. “Chu me always want fi go higher and higher inna life, him (her son’s father) never want that, so we never get along. My babyfather was abusive. He believed that (beating) was what they call love. Me did affi leave.

That’s why me always a defend mi self and me would suggest to women, always fight back. Anything weh deh near yuh, use it!”

Shauna explained that because of abusive relationships, quite a few women have the wrong misconception of love, and she was one.

“A me run into him arms, so me couldn’t blame nobody else but mi self. Mee decide to get out, so if yuh wash stay inna dat relationship, a your decision dat. If yuh want man beat yuh and yuour father never beat yuh yet, a your issue dat,” she said. “Weh me learn from my experiences is dat yuh affi teach someone how to treat yuh.

The way way how yuh treat a person, is how dem fi treat you back; but nuff no recognise dat, so yuh affi show dem”.

The entertainer believes she plummeted into an abusive relationship because of circumstances she had with her mother. She revealed that as a child, she would often be abused as a form of discipline.

“I had a mother who was abusive, so fi a man come do dat to me now, me a go fight back. When a woman go through an abusive childhood, dem always run to man for comfort and fi dat man turn round and be the same thing, dat ruff”, she said. My mother used to beat fi everything. If she say wash the plate dem and me say me a sweep the house first, one pot inna me head. When yuh nah get comfort at your home, weh yuh supposed to get from yuh mother and yuh father, yuh end up look it a road”. She said that because of her prior experiences with her mother growing up, she does not beat her son.

“Beating just make yuh fool-fool and wah run weh and do foolishness, and nuff parents nuh recognise dat. It nuh make no sense yuh beat kids. Just take away certain opportunities, things weh dem like; it works,” she said.

Shauna Controlla unlocks the truth about domestic abuse. Reveals maltreatment from babyfather and mother.

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