Shuga and Bugle put it on “Replay”

Roy Thompson who goes by the name Bugle, hails  from the parish of Portland in Jamaica has tackled the relationship topic in is song titled “Replay” ft. Rising Star singer Shuga.

On the North Coast at the Sharkies Seafood Restaurant as a part of Appleton Estate Signature Nights series, Bugle gave an energetic performance in an effort to promote his newly released songs.

Filmmakers Damaniac Visuals and Slick Studios were the ones responsible for doing the visuals for the video, which was filmed throughout sections of Kingston and St Andrew. Bugle is currently working simultaneously to boost the visibility for both Unstable and Replay projects that were released on Saturday on the reggae artiste official VEVO account.

“Music is no longer merely about recording and releasing songs. Nowadays you have to be bringing something more to the table, and in this latest project, I chose to tackle the issue of relationships and the challenges involved. Also, you know once you have a song that is enjoying a certain level of presence people are expecting to see a video as we currently live in a world that is very visually driven. So, we have to make sure we use these various platforms to maximize our reach and get the message out to the masses,” Bugle noted.



Shuga and Bugle put it on “Replay”

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