By: Baldwin S. A. Howe



Reynardo Scott, a.k.a., Sonyk, is a young Jamaican deejay who compares himself to a near dormant volcano about to erupt.  Sonyk is a native of the parish of Westmoreland.  He is born in the district of Amity.  He is the youngest of three siblings born to his parents on March 10, 1979. While growing up under the influence of his father, who is a Rastafarian, Sonyk got the opportunity to listen to such timeless artistes as, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Steel Pulse, among others.  Those musical influences strengthened his love for the music business, but that love remained dormant, as if asleep.  While going through this phase he pursued an alternate career by studying plumbing at the H.E.A.R.T. Vocational Institute.  Sonyk later earned a certificate for this career pursuit.  In 1998, Sonyk moved to the parish of Portland where landed a job at the Port Antonio Hospital, working in that institution’s maintenance department.


In 2003, he jump started his ambition to pursue a music career and began writing lyrics and performing.  In the beginning, he viewed his involvement in the music business as a means to better provide financial support for his family, but later found out that with each performance he grew deeper and deeper in love with creating music and performing.  He realized that, like a volcano, the musical expressions, which were dormant in him, were being awaken and nothing could contain it.



Sonyk currently lists his main inspiration to continue apace in this direction, to his belief in the Creator, and the love he feels for daughter, Devronique.  Sonyk is also greatly inspired by such celebrated artistes as, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Sizzla Kalonji, Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Bounti Killer, just to mention a few.


Since Sonyk began his musical campaign he has performed at quite a few parties, nightclubs and several talent show productions, under his adopted stage name, Sonyk; a name he thinks that best describes his situation at this time.  In 2005, Sonyk entered the J.C.D.C.’s “Popular Song Competition” and went through to the semi-final stage with a song titled, “Living In The Fast Lane.”  The following year, (2006), he entered the Tastee Talent Competition and again made it through to the semi final stage with an original song titled, “Maybe.”


On the performance side, Sonyk has also shared work on the same stage with the likes of, Mavado and Sizzla Kalonji.  They all worked on a Titchfield High School fete in July 2007.


Sonyk, who is described by his family and close friends, as a talented, humble, jovial, easygoing person; describes his music to be hardcore dancehall with soul searching undertones that is meant to prick the conscience of anyone who listens to his lyrics.


Sonyk says he is determined to fulfil his destiny in the music business. 

He says his philosophy is, “hard work and determination is the key to true success.”  Sonyk says he is willing to do what is necessary to attain his goal.





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