Reggae Sumfest Flashback: Spice Turns The Heat Up At Reggae Sumfest

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It came as no surprise that dancehall’s reigning princess, Spice, turned the heat up at last night’s Reggae Sumfest, Montego Bay, as soon as she hit the stage. However, what fans couldn’t predict were her eye-popping clothing designs and stage props.

The Fun deejay who made her entrance to the stage in a carriage and emerged in an outfit equally reminiscent of the Elizabethan Era immediately got the musical pot bubbling with a remake of Adele’s Someone Like You to which she received a round of roars from the audience.

She then went into her hit single Jim Screechie and its follow-up single Run Joe, a new stage show favourite, Artiste Incarceration where she spoke of the numerous artistes in jail, Fight Ova ManAh Nuh MeGrab Yuh H**dSlim vs FluffyInna BedBody Great and Ska Ska medley.

The performance was a hit with the fans and she was called back for an encore, where she gave a star-quality performance of Baby Father and a remake of Celine Dion’s I’m Your Lady.
Spice says, “I’m sure a lot of persons were surprised with the carriage and the outfit, the extremely long hair, and all of that, but I am an entertainer. I did drama in high school, so everything for me has to be extremely well-planned, because I like a themed-performane. This year I did an Elizabethan era theme because I wanted something no one else would think of. I don’t want my fans coming out to hear the same things that they do on the radio; simply coming out and redoing the songs and getting off-stage is not enough for me to give the fans. So every year I give my fans the show of their life and something that’s their money’s worth. I’m thankful to everyone who came out and I had a great time; I hope they did too.
Reggae Sumfest Flashback: Spice Turns The Heat Up At Reggae Sumfest
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