Teejay is Sumfest Ready

On Friday July 20, 2018 at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay,  dancehall prodigy Teejay is slated to take the stage on dancehall night.

Teejay, who hails from the community of Glendevon in the Parish of St James, is prepared for the upcoming Reggae Sumfest Festival as he promises to go all out, and deliver an electric performance and represent his home town in a extraordinary way.

“Everybody knows that Montego Bay is my place and Reggae Sumfest in one of the biggest festivals in the Caribbean for our music, so based on those factors alone, I have to make sure to bring my ‘a-game’ when I touch the stage on dancehall night,” Teejay said.

Teejay said in an interview that he feels no pressure to deliver at Reggae sumfest.

“Mobay already knows what I’m capable of when it comes to performing. It’s just the rest of the world will now get a chance to see for themselves,” he said.

Teejay is among dancehalls most promising talents and he has recently completed a line of performances at Chromatic Live and 100 Live. Teejay is also burning up airwaves and social media with tracks such as Buss Head and Up Top which have to date received over a million views online.


Teejay is Sumfest Ready

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